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2012 Holiday Gift Guide | Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

December 4, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Mattel
Item Reviewed: Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

Lights! Camera! FASHION! Barbie Photo Fashion Doll combines fashion and photos with a simple click. The Barbie doll is actually a digital camera and Barbie doll’s shirt is where the digital image will appear! Girls can select from pre-loaded graphics or take their own pictures to change the image on Barbie doll’s tee. With the ability to add frames and effects to photos and make your own slide show – see what happens when you play with Barbie! Once images are downloaded and saved to a computer, the camera memory is freed allowing for more photo fun. Website with Barbie imagery lets girls customize images taken with their Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. Barbie Photo Fashion Doll can hold more than 200 images and features an internal rechargeable battery.
Ages 6+

My little girl loves Barbie, so when she was watching TV one day and saw the new Barbie Photo Fashion she flipped out. And no I don’t mean a casual, “Hey mom, I want that!”, nope she jumped off the couch and started jumping up and down so fast that I thought she would fall over, loudly repeating, “Mom, look, a new Barbie, she takes pictures, I want one! Tell Santa I want one!”. After I calmed her down and told her that it is not polite to always be thinking I want, I want I informed her that she should ask Santa for one herself. Santa will fulfill her wish this year because she has graciously given toys to those in need this holiday season without once asking why she couldn’t have it, I am so proud of her!

I am a big fan of Barbie myself and I think the Photo Fashion Doll is an adorable addition to their line of dolls. It allows kids to be creative with the photos they take and what will make Barbie look cool! This is one of this season’s hottest toys and I know little girls all over the world would smile if one was under the tree this year!

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