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2012 Holiday Gift Guide Participant | White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

November 19, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes
Item Reviewed: Starter Set & Accessories


Taken from the website...White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is the premiere electronic cigarette on the market. We pride ourselves on having exceptionally high quality products. Many of our resources are dedicated to research and development. In turn, we have a low product failure rate and our batteries and cartridges have the longest life span. We want our customers to have the most enjoyable and realistic smoking experience possible. We process all customer feedback and and are constantly improving our products based on this feedback.

White Cloud products include:

  • Starter Kits
  • Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
  • Smooth Draw Cartridges
  • Vapor Jackets
  • Charges
  • Cases
  • Batteries
  • Tips
  • Brand Ambassador Packs
  • NFL Tailgate Packs
  • Gift Certificates

My Thoughts

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are the perfect gift for the smoker on your list. I got to try out a starter set with different flavored cartridges and I must say I am impressed! I have never been a fan of smelling like smoke as you do when you have a cigarette but the vapor smoke from a electronic cigarette only smells like the flavor you are smoking. Cartridges come in different strengths; nicotine free, ultra light, light strength, full strength, extra strength and double extra and with White Cloud you get a higher nicotine content, it is what sets White Cloud apart from the competition!

For some of my friends that is great news and what they really liked about using White Cloud’s Electronic Cigarette. They liked the smooth pull that they were able to take and some really liked the select flavors I was sent. A few of my friends liked the lighter strength flavors as they were typically Lights smokers when they buy pack of cigarettes. And out of the friends that got to try using White Cloud all said they would purchase a starter set and give it a try. The good thing about vapor smoking is that you can pretty much do it any where, however out of respect for most people not knowing about it we don’t do it in public places, unless it is a specified smoking section. Electronic cigarettes are definite conversation starters with people very interested in what we are smoking, we have an ongoing spiel we give now because we are asked so much what they are and if they are better than regular cigarettes.

So this holiday season if you can’t find a holiday gift for someone in your family that smokes think about getting a White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and some flavor cartridges. Gift certificates are also available!


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