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A Day At Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

September 4, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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After not spending a whole year alone together I decided to take it upon myself (with my sons help) and book a room at our favorite, memory filled resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. We have almost two decades of memories there from our dating years to now and we really needed the break. Caribbean Beach is our favorite for more than just the memories though. They have a great selection of foods in the Old Port Royale Food Court, great outside activities and an awesome pool!

We headed to the hotel on Saturday morning, where we found our room to be ready for us, so we dumped our belongings in and headed to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom. As soon as we walked up the bus arrived and we were off. Now we went to Animal Kingdom with zero plans, we weren’t going to wait in long lines for rides or to see shows, in fact we headed to one of my favorite spots, the Dawa Bar, to grab a couple beers and just sit and talk, catch up with each other and get back on the same page, not to mention to just focus on us without interruption. We listened to the music of Africa and just relaxed. It felt so good to not have to run from one ride to another, we did what we wanted to which was nothing!

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We caught the bus back to the resort so we could get changed for our dinner at Shutters on property. I love Shutters, it wasn’t the first time we have eaten there and won’t be the last time. The service was great, always like a friendly server, and the food was delicious!!!! After dinner and a few drinks we went walking around the boardwalk area around the lake and wanted to enjoy the hammocks but I think every one else had  that very same idea and they were all taken.

The next day we were up bright and early and headed to breakfast where I had the idea to go bike riding around the resort. After eating we walked over to the marina and they were closed until 11am so we decided to go home real quick and get the girls to bring them back for swimming, lunch and bike riding. We surprised them and they we excited when we arrived home. The new main pool (which isn’t brand new, but the first time we had seen it in four years) was awesome, my youngest daughter was in heaven playing in the pirate ship with the slides and dumping water bucket. She didn’t want to leave the area when it was time for lunch.

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For lunch we ate in the food court and we all were talking and laughing, much needed after a rough two weeks start to new schools and new people. After lunch we headed to rent a four person surrey bike to go around the lake area. My youngest sat in the seats up front and my oldest daughter, husband and I all pedaled. It was fun, and quite a workout for me, especially the uphill part but once we got up the going downhill part was fun, we were all laughing and maybe even screaming because we were going so fast. We ended the day with the two laps on the bike then headed home.

This past weekend was much needed for my husband and I, to get back to where we used to be, to reconnect and to have fun. It was the perfect place for us to do so and that is one of my favorite things about Orlando, about my home, is that we have all these special places, ones we couldn’t find anywhere else and not only were we able to have the quality time we needed together but we were close enough to go get our girls to enjoy some quality time with them too.

We all love Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort!

I really hate to do this on my personal posts but I have to. We paid for our stay and food and have annual park passes. The Caribbean Beach Resort is a favorite of ours and if I could shout it from the rooftops I would!


4 Responses to “A Day At Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort”
  1. What a great idea for the 2 of you! Your son is getting good with coming up with surprises.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend time together! We haven’t been to the Caribbean Beach Resort yet but it looks lovely and it’s now on our list. I love that you can just pop into Animal Kingdom for a few drinks. The Dawa Bar sounds so relaxing and fun! How fun is the 4 person surrey and the water park! We’ll have to check this out sometime too.

  3. The Caribbean beach is the first place hubby and I stayed at Disney together. Loved it!

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