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Alphabetimals | iPad App Review

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Company: Alphabetimals
Item Reviewed: Alphabetimals iPad App

Albert needs your help to learn his A-B-C’s in this unique interactive picture book. On his journey he meets each of the 26 Alphabetimals characters, which are cartoon animals in the shape of letters. Here are some highlights of what’s inside:

Enjoy 31 pages of rhyming story text, background sounds, animation, and fun animal sounds.

On each letter page, help Albert discover the hidden Alphabetimal by finding the letter outline and pressing on it. Get rewarded with the animal popping on to the screen and making its unique animal sound. You can also tickle Albert and hear him giggle!

The final page displays all the letters/animals, so you can view the entire alphabet and keep pressing on each to toggle back and forth. It’s animal sound mayhem!

You can also customize the experience by toggling sound controls for turning off story text being read out loud, and for turning off background music/sounds.

For even more fun visit our website at where you can type your child’s name in Alphabetimals, watch an A-B-C song video, and download free coloring pages, posters and flash cards!

My Thoughts

With my daughter being in kindergarten she is all about learning to recognize her alphabet. Alphabetimals has provided her with a fun way to learn with animals in the shapes of the letters and making sounds. She giggles her way through the alphabet and loves the voice of Albert. Every day that I tell her to practice her alphabet she asks if she can use this app to help her out after she does her worksheets from school. She has so much fun with the Alphabetimals app.

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