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An Evening At Titanic The Experience in Orlando

August 14, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Last week I had the opportunity to go see something I have been wanting to see for a long time, Titanic the Experience here in Orlando on well known International Drive. My daughter and I were in for a special treat as we had a interactive tour through the place. We were both excited just to be there because we have had a fascination with the Titanic and wanted to learn more.

We started out receiving boarding passes with who we were on the voyage, a scary yet intriguing prospect because at the end of the tour you will see if you made it off the ship or not. Once we boarded the Titanic we were instantly surrounded by artifacts from the ship, some as small as jewelry and others as large as a piece of the ship. But the thing that attracted my daughter and I instantly were the plates, bottles with champagne still in them and pieces of the flooring from various sections of the ship. We saw how 1st class cabins were set up and diagrams of how the Titanic was split up for the different classes. Most everything had plaques that you could read all about what the artifact was and some of those things were so amazing to see. They even had the Grand Staircase which was so beautiful!


Now on our interactive tour we had an amazing guide (sorry I completely forgot his name, I will call him Robert ;) ) and he was brilliant! He was dressed in clothing from that era, spoke about everything we saw, and really added so much to the tour, making me tear up at the end when he spoke about not making it off the ship.After taking us into a room that was both cold and shrouded in blackness, the place where one steered the ship we saw how dark it was, why they didn’t see the iceberg ahead and it literally took my breath away. We next walked int o the room where they had these beautiful glass blocks with all the passengers that were on board, those who made it off the ship were in bold, those who didn’t were hollowed out. My daughter and I and my sister and her son all made it off the boat alive, which we kind of cheered about and then looking at the walls one each for 1st Class, 2nd Class, and 3rd Class passengers as well as one for the crew. Taking a step back and looking at all those name made my heart hurt.


We next headed into a room with a piece of ice in it with a sign telling us to touch the ice and our guide told us to hold our hand there for 10 seconds to experience the shocking cold those poor people had to deal with. I touched it and almost immediately pulled my hand off because it was cold, holding it there for 10 seconds I actually pictured people hanging on to it trying to fight for their lives and I was saddened all lover again.

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The last room held a piece of the Titanic hull with a very interesting story attached to it. I am not going to share that with you here, you really need to go to Titanic the Experience and really experience it yourself. I will definitely be going back with my husband and both daughters soon. We learned so much about the Titanic and it has triggered a renewed interest in reading all I can about the amazingness that was this ship and the heartbreak that was it’s demise. I will be making sure that anyone of my friends or family that come into town go and experience this on their trip here. It is not to be missed.

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Head on over to the Titanic the Experience website and check it out. Click here to purchase tickets today!!! I HIGHLY recommend everyone experience this!!!!


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  1. Rosey says:

    It sounds amazing, I was very happy to find the write-up on your blog!

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