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Back To School With Mabel’s Labels

August 6, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Mabel’s Labels
Item Reviewed: Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Pack & Tween Pack



This year my oldest daughter returns to school and my youngest goes to school for the first time ever. I am so thankful to have Mabel’s Labels help in making sure that if my girls lose something and it is found they will know exactly who to return it to. My oldest daughter I am not worried about so much, she keeps track of her things very well. But my youngest can’t seem to keep her stuff around, we are always losing something but going to school will be different. I am able to label all her things like her backpack, folders, jackets and more with the adorable Mabel’s Labels. I got The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Pack and the Tween Pack and both the girls love them!

Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Pack on top, Tween Pack on bottom

So this year, if they lose something, everyone will know who it belongs to and return it. That makes me happy and both of my girls thinks that the labels make them look stylish. I have used Mabel’s Labels in the past and I love how durable they are, they truly last a long time. And they have so many types of labels so you can literally label everything!!!

Check out their Baby Labels, Iron-on Labels, Waterproof Labels, Clothing Labels and more today at MabelsLabels.com. You will be happy that you did!

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