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Body Check Journal | Review

January 14, 2013 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Body Check Journal
Item Reviewed: 3 Week Journal & 3 Month Journal


I have a brilliant friend, Dawn Veselka,¬†who has just released a brilliant product to help parents everywhere and I am here now to tell you about it. It is called Body Check Journal and it is used to help parents keep track of their children’s health and the way they feel and the things they eat and do. I am going to start off with the 3 Week Tacking Tool for ages 1-12.

I have been using this journal for my youngest daughter who always seems to catch whatever it is going around school at the time. I can track her mood for the day, what she ate for every meal, her activity levels, emotional status, her medications, her fevers, what she complains of and more, so I can share it with her doctor. One of my daughters favorite things about the journal is the little person drawing at the bottom of every page that I can mark with where she hurts or where her boos boos are as she wants me to. Like last night she fell off the bed and scraped her spine on the bed frame, so we made little boo boo circles along the spine of the person.

I have taken the next step with the Body Check Journal for my youngest and went straight to the 3 Month Tracking Tool so I can keep a more comprehensive history of everything she is doing, how she is feeling and more, to not only show a doctor but for my piece of mind. If I can look at everything at once I can see if there is a trend to her moods and food intake and maybe even be able to thwart any blue moods coming on, not that she has many of those, seems to only be when her daddy goes on a business trip.

My oldest daughter has been using the 3 Week Tracking Tool for ages 11 and up to also track when she gets sick but also for her period. She can write down all the things mentioned above but instead keeps track of her moods, cravings, and how bad she feels during her period. This is a great tool to take into the doctors as well so they can see if all is going the way it is supposed to go. It also allows her to see just how much sweets she eats during this time :)

In all the journals you create a baseline, or starting point of when you start recording, which includes height, weight, body temperature (which I have learned my youngest tends to have a slightly higher base body temp thanks to the Body Check Journal), allergies and more. I love the Quick Reference Section that allows me to write down her current medications, doctor visit dates notes and more.

Of course, I use these Body Check Journals for my girls when they are sick and as a just to have of their behaviors. The power of what you have at your fingertips really shines though when you have a child that has an ongoing illness or Autism, like my nephew. My sister was also given a Body Check Journal so she could closely monitor the changes in her son with the medications he is taking, how his behavior is and more and she has seen a pattern in quite a few things that she was overlooking due to not having it written down in front of her, where she could go back and double check how he was a few days before his last shot. The Body Check Journal has made things easier on her and she doesn’t have to try to remember everything on her visits with his doctors.

This is the most comprehensive tracking tool I have seen for children and as much as I love technology I need to have a journal like this in my hands to skim through when I need to. I HIGHLY recommend the Body Check Journal to everyone, it is the only way I will ever track my children and their ever changing bodies! Get yours right now by clicking here!

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