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Bra Barrette | Review

July 21, 2009 by admin - Jennifer  
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Do your straps like to play peek-a-boo? – Bra Barrettes are a flexible and durable plastic that easily slips onto your straps to keep them in place under clothes all day, comfortably.

Is the elastic in your bra strap more like a bungee cord? – A Bra Barrette will extend the life of our hardworking bras. Often the elastic is the first thing to go. Save some money – use a Bra Barrette to keep your straps in place.

Does your exercise routine include: stop, reach, tug. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat? – As women we get mad at men when they “adjust” in public, yet we do the same thing!! Get a Bra Barrette and Get Bra Confident!

It’s TIME! You deserve a Bra Strap Holder with Function and Fashion! – The Bra Barrette is not only functional, but with the added charms and crystals it’s fashionable too. Each Bra Barrette is tinted plastic so the color will never fade. Each charm is attached by a clasp so you can interchange your charms to match your outfit! For our Crystal BBs we use Genuine Swarovski Crystal.

Bra Barrette

I was recently sent a Bra Barrette to try out and all I have to say is…”Where has this product been all my life?” I love it. Not only does it do what it is supposed to do, like hid your bra straps when wearing a tank top, but it is one stylish accessory to have. The Bra Barrette is made of durable, bendable plastic, that moves with you not hinders your movement. It is the only bra strap holder that that was designed to be seen, it actually adds a great element to your style.

My favorite Bra Barrette

This is my favorite Bra Barrette!

Bra Barrettes come in the following colors: Black, Copper, Clear, Pink, Red, Silver, Tan and White and  with a variety of crystal drops from subtle to all blinged out to choose from you can add a little something extra to your outfit! I recommend these to everyone, because we can all use a little spice to our wardrobe! Check them out here.


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