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Brave Xbox 360 Video Game Review

July 23, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Disney Interactive Media Group
Item Reviewed: Brave Xbox 360 Game

Disney Pixar’s Brave video game invites players to run, jump and battle their way through the rugged landscape of mythical and mysterious Scotland.  A third person action-adventure, “Brave: The Video Game” expands the tale beyond the movie’s storyline.

You can play as Merida, an expert archer and heroine, and in the console versions, players can also play as other entertaining characters from the film.  By using their wits and bravery, gamers will also be able to wield a sword and bow to defeat fierce enemies, break a magical curse and save a kingdom.

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My Thoughts

My daughter loves this game! From the solo play as Merida and archery practice to playing with her cousin in two player mode she loves it all! She is my little gamer girl and I couldn’t be happier that she is getting good and has a great game like Brave to play. I will say that her archery skills using Kinect have gotten so good she has beaten me, which I was pleased to see. When playing two player co-op the game play is fun and teaches great cooperation, something that I know my daughter needs to work on. One of my other favorite things about the Brave video game is that it has opened up my daughter’s imagination. As she plays running through the forest she makes scenes from the movie come to life by speaking them while playing. I highly recommend adding it to your gaming library today!

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