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commXPERTS iPod Touch Solar Charger | Review and Code

February 16, 2010 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Novothink & commXPERTS
Item Reviewed: iPod Touch Solar Charger

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iPod Touch Solar Charger

With NOVOTHINK’s hybrid solar charger case, you can now power-up your iPod Touch literally anywhere under the sun. Our solar panel technology enables you to be part of the solar energy solution.

Complete freedom from clumsy wall mounted chargers and messy cables. Engineered to fit onto the back of a mobile phone and gently charge without the need for cables.

Protects phone from impact damage, scratching and even extends the life of the phone’s internal battery.

USB connection so you can charge or sync with iTunes without ever having to take your iPod Touch out of the case


  • Built-in Apple certified 30 pin connector
  • iPod Touch second generation
  • Integrated 4 LED battery status indicator

In full sun, the solar panel provides 100mA of charging current. The Surge has a 1500 mAh 3.7 V lithium-ion polymer internal battery, which represents 120% of the internal battery capacity of the iPod Touch. This means you more than double your iPod’s battery capacity.

commXPERTS is a Authorized Distributor of the iPod Touch Solar Charger

My Thoughts

Can you say brilliant? I can and that is exactly what this product is! Ever since my iPod has slowly migrated into being my toddlers with all her books, games and distractions on it my battery life has gone down the tubes. I have been unlucky enough to be caught out at a doctors office when she was bored and I dug out my iPod (her iPod I mean :) ) and she turned it on and two minutes later the battery went out. I wanted to be anywhere but there at that moment.

Now I have the iPod Touch Solar Charger and that will never happen to me again. When I received the charger I did the initial charge on my computer and the rest has been done by sunlight. That’s right sunlight, I have driven around town with it sitting on my dashboard to get charged, placed it on the picnic table at the park while my kids played and have walked around with it in my hand solar panel up to the sun. I have yet to get caught without power. A huge plus is it also catches ambient lighting and while not as powerful as the sun, it still works!

iPhone Solar Charger

I am so impressed with my iPod Touch Solar Charger and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone, especially those that always find themselves with a dead battery, like the iPhone users. That’s right they also have a iPhone charger (for all my friends whose battery went out on them recently wink, wink). So not only can you charge your iPod but you can also get an iPhone charger!

  • Black iPod Touch units in stock – $69.95
  • White & Black iPhone 3G and 3G S models will be in stock this Friday $79.95
  • Additional colors will be available by the end of March

And thanks to commXPERTS I have a sweet deal for you! Use the code ‘ DirtyShirt ‘ at checkout to receive an additional 15% off Product and Shipping Costs.  You can use it at either cart: or


2 Responses to “commXPERTS iPod Touch Solar Charger | Review and Code”
  1. LizzB says:

    I got my husband the iPod touch unit from for xmas last year. Just like you, he loves it! I’m excited to order him the iPhone Solar Charger. Thanks for the 20% coupon code!!


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