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Crazy Machines | Wii Game | Review and Giveaway

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Company: Think Smart Games
Item Reviewed: Crazy Machines for the Wii
Item Given Away: Crazy Machines for the Wii – 5 Winners
Start Date: August 19
End Date: September 2

THE SCATTY PROFESSOR IS BACK with his wacky lab filled with falling anvils, rolling spheres, floating balloons, dancing crash-test-dummies and flying turtles to mention just few of his outrageous tools and gadgets. All are at the players disposal to use as they set up crazy machines and start wacky chain reactions while solving some of the most outrageous riddles known to man as the weird science of the Professor sends them on a trip around the world.

So, Go Ahead – Break his riddles!

More than 100 items for player to create and solve some very weird science experiments. With over 100 levels there’s unlimited possibilities for creativity and fun that can be developed independently or shared with family and friends. There are also seven beautifully animated “cartoon quality” setting like the Caribbean and North Pole.

Key Features:

  • Action Mode – Play alone and break the riddles.
  • Coop Mode – Break the Riddles together.
  • Party Mode – Play against each other.
  • Sandbox Mode – Set up your own wacky chain reactions and share them with your friends.
  • Full use of the Wii Controllers.

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a game that really makes you think then Crazy Machines is that game! Best part of this game is that you can either play by yourself, which is how I like to play, or you can play with the cooperation of someone else and even better, and how my daughter likes to play, in Party Mode against her friends! I love listening to them play together and compete against each other! They really have a fun time. I love the fact that this game is also not a quick game, with all the levels in it my kids can play for awhile and not see the same puzzle. Good game to get you thinking!

I have been given the opportunity to host a giveaway of Crazy Machines for the Wii and 5 Dirty t Shirt readers can win! Please see rules below to enter to win today!


  • MAIN RULE – Tell me in comments what your or your child’s favorite Wii game is. (remember if this rule is not followed then no others will count)
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  • 2 Extra Entries – Write a post on your blog linking to my blog.

This giveaway will run through midnight on September 2, with winner being announced the morning of September 3. Winner will be chosen using from all valid entries and notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before another winner is chosen. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.


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  12. Lately my kids have enjoyed Build a Bear Workshop

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    My son loves all the Lego games. Thanks!

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    My daughter likes the tennis game

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    My daughter loves the Littlest Pet Shop Friends game.

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  52. meme says:

    We only have two games right now so I would say Yogi Bear

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    Super Mario Bros is our favorite

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    Mandatory Entry:
    Basically anything Mario (Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Brothers, etc.)

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    my sons favorite is mario cart
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    She loves her Build A Bear Wii game.

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    Right now my son’s favoite wii game is Rio.

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    My sons favorite is The New Super Mario Bros.

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