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Cypher Augmented Reality 3D Cards | Review and Giveaway

March 28, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Cypher Entertainment
Item Reviewed: Cypher Wild Animal Adventure 3D Cards
Item Given Away: Pack of Cypher Augmented Reality 3D Cards
Start Date: March 28
End Date: April 5


Cypher’s 3D Cards present educational concepts through entertaining and totally engaging interactive experiences. By holding a Cypher card’s 3D marker to a webcam or to the camera of an iPad, iPhone or iPod, your child can launch and control a fully animated 3D world, interacting with characters and objects while exploring the card’s content. By combining visual storytelling with spoken information, these cards present different educational concepts through interactive play. Kids can interact with the animated world in real time by simply rotating their Live 3D card, allowing them to discover new perspectives, hear real-life sounds, and hear new facts. It’s like visiting the museum without leaving home!

Wild Animal Adventures

Go on a 3D expedition into the animal kingdom! Each card brings a different animal to life in colorful, vivid 3D. Hear the lion roar and watch the elephant drink. You can even let the zebra walk across the desk or eat right out of the palm of your hand!

My Thoughts

I am constantly impressed with the advances we have with technology. Augmented Reality has been a one of our favorites, having seen it on a handheld gaming device before and now on our own tables, desks and floors. My youngest daughter is in love with animals, all animals, not matter what they are she finds something to love about them. So when I showed her the Cypher Augmented Reality 3D cards she flipped out. We went through the entire pack in one two hour sitting and she was so excited to see the animals on my desk. She constantly tried to touch them and even commented on the fact that it was cool to see the animals this way because then she won’t get bitten. I love that these cards instilled a want to learn in her all the while having fun doing so. I can’t wait until they hit the market to expand her collection.

I have been given the opportunity to host a giveaway where one lucky Dirty t Shirt reader can win a pack of the Cypher Augmented Reality 3D Cards before they even hit the store shelves! Please see rules below to enter to win today!

These cards will be available in June for the PC and will cost $19.99 per set of cards. The Mac/iOS version is still TBD. All sets come with 18 cards except for ABC’s which has 26 cards.

You can also sign up on the official Cypher website and receive a free card just for signing up!


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8 Responses to “Cypher Augmented Reality 3D Cards | Review and Giveaway”
  1. sandra says:

    they would want the things that go pack

  2. We are big animal lovers so I think he would like Wild Animal Adventures but I know he would like Things That Go too!
    This is really cool. Thanks for sharing it with us~!

  3. Following RSS Feed via Google Reader :)

  4. lisa says:

    Wild Animal Adventures

  5. Nicole Sender says:

    My grandson would love the Things That Move pack.

  6. Claudia says:

    Things that go.

  7. felecia says:

    Wild Animal Adventures

  8. ReggieMann says:

    My niece would like Wild Animal Adventures

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