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David Gonzalez Review

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From one of the top children’s entertainers in the country, two theatrical shows, The Frog Bride and Aesop Bops! are available for the first time on DVD now.  After performing his magical, multimedia works for the past 25 years for hundreds of thousands of young audiences, storyteller/performer David Gonzalez casts his spell onto the screen with hours of myths, folk tales, and fairy tales that engage imaginations and opens the hearts of all ages. Currently performing at performing arts centers and schools across the country, both The Frog Bride and Aesop Bops! combine Gonzalez’s street-style humor and kinetic storytelling with live music, mesmerizing art and video projections, mime, dance and above all, inspired imagination.

After receiving these for review I have to say a few things. I have never seen my toddler mesmerized by any one thing for longer than a few minutes. But with these shows she just stood there and watched the whole thing! She danced a little when the music was playing, but otherwise she was enthralled. David Gonzalez is a genius at what he does, and I am so happy to have gotten the chance to review both of these titles.

If you get the chance to catch his shows live I would highly recommend it. Here is a listing of his upcoming shows:

The Frog Bride Tour:

  • November 22  ~ New York, NY  @ the Tribeca Performing Arts Center ~
  • December 2-19  ~ New York, NY @ the Lincoln Center Institute ~
  • February 5 ~ Palm Desert, CA @ the McCallum Theatre ~
  • February 9-13 ~ New York, NY @ the Lincoln Center Institute ~
  • February 26-28 ~ Newark, NJ @ the New Jesery Performing Arts Center ~
  • April 30 – May 2 ~ Valdez, AZ @ Valdez Civic Center ~
  • May 4-8 ~ Anchorage, AK @ the Alaska Junior Theatre ~
  • May 11-15 ~ New York, NY @ Lincoln Center Institute ~

Aesop Bops! Tour:

  • December 4-7 ~ Canary Islands @ Festival de Cuento ~
  • January 27 ~ Coral Springs, FL @ Coral Springs Center for the Arts ~


2 Responses to “David Gonzalez Review”
  1. Staci A says:

    How fun! I’m going to check out the site, it sounds right up my son’s alley.

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