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Dine With Shamu is a MUST When Traveling to Orlando

September 24, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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This past Saturday my family and I got the opportunity to try out something new. Now for anyone that knows us knows that we have pretty much raised our two oldest kids at SeaWorld, my husband and I used to go to SeaWorld when we were dating and we always had so much fun, so we have pretty much done everything there is to do in the park. Dine With Shamu however is something that we have never done before and we were all excited to be there. We checked in at the front and were taken to our seats which were right along the glass wall. We were then welcomed very warmly by our server whose name just happened to be Jennifer ;) We placed our drink orders and went to get our food. I loved that it was set up buffet style, there were so many delicious looking items to choose from.

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My youngest daughter wanted some of everything and boy did she dig in when we got back to the table. One of the managers came over and talked to her about her liking her chicken, and he did something that always pleases me when I see it. He got down on her level to talk to her, which always makes my daughter feel special and make me happy to see that someone will go out of there way to acknowledge that she is there. I too got a little bit of everything, and even went back for chocolate cake, everything was very good!

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The trainers came over with the whales and the show began. From where I was sitting I got some really great pictures of the whales with their trainers and them flipping through the air and all sorts of fun stuff.


The pictures below are my favorites of the day and I was so surprised that they came out this good, as they were taken with my phone. Being this up close and personal with the whales made my daughters smile and they were both excited to see them in the water so close to us. The wonderment when my five year old saw the whales jump out of the water was priceless. And watching the show made my older daughter interested in what it is like to be a trainer.

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One of the funny things that I snapped a picture of was a bird stealing a fish out of the food container for the whales. I think he got three or four in total before they came back to close the lid. Dine With Shamu was so much fun and I will be doing it again and I HIGHLY recommend that if you are headed to Orlando and SeaWorld that you make reservations for this dinner, you will love it! I do want to give a special shout out to the staff, especially our server Jennifer who was the friendliest person and really made our time there fun!

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My daughter after her fun day at SeaWorld!

Dine With Shamu Information

Get an incredible glimpse int the interactions that occur between SeaWorld trainers and whales. Find out what make killer whales such unique animals and learn about the little things that you can do to help save valuable ocean resources and habitats by enjoying sustainable and natural foods.

Reservations can be made at the in-park reservations center.

Rates are:

  • $29 adults
  • $19 children (ages 3 through 9)

Tax not included, park admission is required

Receive a FREE child’s meals with each new full-paid adult reservation made before December 25, 2012.

My family and I received tickets to get into SeaWorld and Dine With Shamu so I could write about it for my readers. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.


One Response to “Dine With Shamu is a MUST When Traveling to Orlando”
  1. BenSpark says:

    We went on out last trip to SeaWorld and it was fantastic! Eva loved it and so did Me, Allison, our friends. Love your photos of the event.

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