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Disney Store Celebrates Grand Opening of Newly-Designed Store at Florida Mall

August 25, 2011 by admin - Jennifer  
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Today, Disney Store celebrated the opening of its award-winning new concept store at Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida.  One of many newly-designed stores to open in 2011, the interactive shopping destination offers magical experiences for Disney fans of all ages. Disney Store’s new design aims to deliver “the best 30 minutes of a child’s day” through immersive experiences, including a Disney Princess Castle with Magic Mirror, Translucent Magical Trees, Disney●Pixar CARS-branded Ridemakerz custom toy car building experience and the Disney Store Theatre, featuring the latest in Disney entertainment.

The Orlando store joins the growing list of newly-designed stores already opened around the world, including a location in New York’s Times Square. By the end of 2011, the specialty retailer will have 60 new concept stores in 16 major cities in North America and eight countries.

The Dirty t Shirt was invited to a sneak  peek of the opening, but was unavailable so I sent the next best person, my sister Melanie Leet. Below is her description of what she and he daughter saw and was able to interact with. My little niece Zoey was a hit and she was featured on Channel 6 news and Channel 2′s photos. So she had a lot of fun! Below are their pictures and my sister explaining what she saw.

Melanie’s Thoughts


We arrived at the Disney Store in the Florida Mall where I checked in. At 9am we were taken on a tour of the newly renovated store and it was so nice. I am a huge Disney fan and have frequented the Disney Store here for a few years and I must say what I saw was amazing. We started at the front of the store where there is a castle that displays all the Disney Princess dresses. On the other side of the castle is the magic mirror, which is interactive and so much fun. My daughter waved the princesses wand in front of the mirror and a princess appeared and talked to her. Truly was an amazing effect.


Moving onward through the store is the Carz Ridemakerz table where children get to choose which Cars character car to build and are given all the tools to put it together. The Disney theater is amazing in itself, kids can choose scenes from popular Disney movies and shows to display on the giant wall screen, you can also choose a message and put your child’s name up on the wall too. The entire store is involved in the show as trees change colors along with the seasons and screens and designs change on the walls. Some new items for sale for first time ever included limited edition dolls (which I couldn’t help but buy one), which are designed to look like the princess if they were just introduced in today’s fashion, such a cool concept! A new doll is to be released each week until all nine dolls have been sold, but the stores do not know how many they will get, so I will be checking back every week. Disney has also started a fragrance line with perfumes and lotions, which my daughter and I were very excited about. Each morning as the store opens a child is chosen to use a large key to unlock the store, a smaller version of the key will be given to child as a reminder of their day and that was a great addition to the store, really would make a child’s day.


I am loving the new store, it is truly an impressive shopping experience, one that engaged not only my daughter but one that also engaged me, made me feel like a little kid again, something only Disney can do!



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  1. Dad says:

    Great job, girls. Looks like I have two great writers in the family! Zoey looks so cute and excited. Hope they will do the store here as well.

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