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Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE | Movie Review

June 22, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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My Orlando Correspondent, Melanie, was able to got o a preview of the movie a few days ago. Her and her family were very excited about getting the opportunity to see it, but my niece was the most excited of all. Read below for her reactions.

Melanie’s Thoughts

My daughter has been excited for months to see Disney’s Brave and learn the story of Merida. As my daughter is a redhead she wanted to dress like her as well for the movie premiere. She could hardly contain her excitement as the movie started. Brave is a wonderful movie, the best Disney movie, in my opinion. It takes us on such a journey filled with beautiful scenery and music, and we can really connect with Merida. I really enjoyed the story too, it probably is over the heads of very little ones, like my daughter who is only 4, but I believe many grown moms like me will think of their own relationships with their mothers. Disney does an amazing job at bringing the wonders and beauty of Scotland to life as they tell this tale of family, forgiveness, pride and above all else, bravery.

I personally can’t wait to get into the theater and see BRAVE with my daughter.

Melanie and her family were given tickets to pre screen BRAVE for coverage on The Dirty t Shirt, no other compensation was provided and all thoughts and opinions are 100% Melanie’s.


3 Responses to “Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE | Movie Review”
  1. She is too cute :)
    I can’t wait to see this film. I think I like the Disney movies more than the kids lol

  2. Andrew Dorian says:

    Wow! how sweet this baby.Also this picture is very nice to look. I wish to watch this movie.

  3. Bridget Kuhlo says:

    Brave is a really beautiful and moving new fairy tale that fits seamlessly into the genre; Princess Merida is a wonderfully multi-facted heroine; the film shapes itself around problems that are familiar and understandable and will be well-understood and appreciated by kids and parents alike; the supporting characters that are given the most attention are well-crafted (but too bad for those others that fall by the wayside). The visual effects are flawless, in my opinion, the best of al thel Pixar films.

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