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EA | The Sims 3 | PC Video Game Review

November 15, 2009 by admin - Jennifer  
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The Sims 3

The freedom of The Sims™ 3 will inspire you with endless creative possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise and mischief!

Create over a million unique Sims and control their lives. Customize everything from their appearances, to their personalities and even the home of their dreams. Then, send your Sims out to explore new locations around town and to meet other Sims in the neighborhood.

Go online to download exclusive content and show off your own creations to the world. With all-new quick challenges and rewarding game play, The Sims 3 gives you the freedom to choose whether (or not!) to fulfill your Sims’ destinies and make their wishes come true.

Available for PC, PC Download or Mac for $49.95.

My Thoughts

The Sims has been a part of my gaming for awhile now and with each new release the franchise just keeps getting better and better. Not only does it get better but it has become more fun if that is possible. The funny thing is that when I first ever started playing The Sims my thought was, “Why would I want to play something that is life like when I have real life to deal with?”. Boy was I wrong, at times my in game life is better than the real thing! I love creating new characters, picking a place to live and furnishing it with funky items. And learning the language is so much fun…I kid of course, but that’s how involved you get in the Sims. With The Sims 3 you can choose your traits, explore new locations, Customize everything and share your movies and Sims online. I recommend The Sims 3 for everyone for a fun game play experience, and it would make a great Christmas present for the gamers on your list.

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