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Far Cry 3 Is Amazon’s Gold Box Deal Today

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Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please visit to get your own copy of Far Cry 3, today’s Gold Box Deal of the Day! I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.


I have always been the type of person who when stressed out or looking for down time seeks out one of two things, baking and video games. While baking allows me to be creative and make things that are delicious I also run to video games. Every genre takes me into their world for a little bit and allows me to not have to think about things for awhile. This is a good break for me and one that I will continue throughout my life. I have wanted to play Far Cry 3 for some time now because it will allow me to roam a beautiful island filled with beaches and mountains and take care of business. Although sometimes I can tend to get a little riled up playing a game I certainly love that I can escape to a pretend world and find the next cure for an illness, save a princess or push through the bad guys. Gaming is also something that my entire family goes to for our down times and we like a huge array of games, so we can relax and have fun to rejuvenate. So when seeking a bit of respite from the days hectic activities you will either find me in the kitchen or in front of my gaming systems, either one makes my husband happy :)

Don’t wait much longer, head on over to and get the Gold Box Deal of the Day Far Cry 3!!! Keep in mind that the rating for this game is Mature and should be played by those old enough.

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