Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Giveaway Information

For all my giveaways I have a main way to enter, which must be done or all other entries will not count, and then a few different ways to gain additional entries. The rules are simple, but if they are not followed I can not help you. Here are my general ways and others may be added at random.

  • Follow The Dirty Shirt on Google Friend Connect
  • Follow Me On Twitter
  • Tweet about the contest
  • Subscribe to my feeds via RSS Reader or email
  • Write a blog post linking to The Dirty Shirt and/or the giveaway products website.

Most of these can be done via the Share This icon after every post. I will also ask for your username on these services to make sure you did what you said you did. That is not to be nosy or to say that I don’t trust you it is to be fair to everyone.

I add deadlines for winners to contact me back on all my giveaways. This is sometimes because a sponsor has a time frame they would like their giveaway finished by or because of shipping needs. I can not undo this, I need to be fair to all those who contact me on time. My time frames usually last from 24 – 72 hours depending on the product.

I will not be posting anymore images of the Random.org picks as they eat up too much room for the volume of giveaways that I have and take up too much time to get so from now on I will be posting only the text format of the Random.org picks.

I am fair to any and all offers for giveaways and reviews. By having these products on my blog I am not voicing  my religious beliefs, political views, etc. If I believe it is a good product then I will review/giveaway the product.

All spam comments will be contained for me to review and almost always get deleted instantly. A few have slipped past my net but I find them and get rid of them. I do not tolerate any type of spam comment.

Privacy Policy – I will not share any of your information such as, your name, address (for winners) or your email addresses with anyone under any circumstances.