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Halo Electronic Cigarette G6 Starter Kit | Review

December 14, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: The Halo Company
Item Reviewed: G6 Starter Kit



The electronic cigarette is a relatively new technology often referred to as an e-cigarette, or simply e-cig. This battery operated cigarette is an amazing little device, designed to simulate the effects of smoking both in design and function. By appearance alone, most passers-by would not notice any discernible difference between the e–cigarette and a standard tobacco cigarette. The electronic cigarette has surpassed the expectations of even long-term smokers.

The electronic cigarette produces a thick vapor that closely resembles that of tobacco cigarette smoke. Unlike tobacco smoke however, there is no Tar and a fraction of the 4000 chemicals currently found in standard tobacco cigarettes. The e-cigarette vapor is created with the use of an atomizer, or heating element. The atomizer heats a small amount of liquid, similar to a fog machine, thereby creating a vapor with the same flavor and consistency as tobacco smoke. An Electronic cigarette does not produce any actual smoke, so there is no need for ignition via a match or lighter. This being said, there is no second hand smoke and no risk of fire hazards.

What makes Halo different? Halo e-liquid represents the evolution of its many e-liquid predecessors.  For the first time, electronic cigarette users can rest assured they are receiving a quality made American product, that holds the safety of its customers paramount.

My Thoughts

After giving e-cigarettes a try I decided to look into the large array of what is available. So many of my friends and family are smokers and I wanted to look into it to see if they would think it a viable reason to quit smoking actual cigarettes. With Halo’s G6 Starter Kit which came in black (but also comes in many other colors) I was able to see how the pre-filled cartridges were and how blank cartridges were filled and used. Up until now I had only seen the pre-filled ones on the market and when I showed a friend of mine the procedure to fill a cartridge with any flavor e-liquid they wanted (in this case menthol was on hand) they liked what they saw. After testing it out for me for a week the results are in. He is no longer buying regular cigarettes and has fully transitioned to e-cigs thanks to Halo. He has used both pre-filled menthol cartridges as well as filling his own blank cartridges that came with the starter kit.

He has said that one of his reasons as to not have jumped into e-cigs prior to my showing him the G6 was because he didn’t see how a battery would keep up, but he said the one thing that really shocked him was that during a full day he only switched out the battery one time (he is almost a 2 pack a day smoker) and that it provided him the nicotine perfectly when his normal “smoke time” came. He, as well as his girlfriend, loved the fact that he did not smell of smoke afterwards, a huge plus for both of them. I am happy to have helped him see a new way to smoke which cuts down on all that extra stuff in regular cigarettes and he is beyond thrilled with the Halo G6. Check out Halo Electronic Cigarettes to see if they are a good fit for you or a loved one.

The thoughts and opinions above are 100% my friends and mine. We are not promoting smoking just providing information on an experience with electronic cigarettes.

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