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Heading Home: Albuquerque

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It’s been a couple of weeks since our move, still catching up on blogging, but wanted to share our stop in Albuquerque to visit my dad and step mom. I am so glad we not only got that chance but that we stayed an extra day. That visit was a long time in the making.

We arrived in the evening of June 25th and had a wonderful chicken meal, I just love my step moms cooking! That hit the spot, was our first home cooked meal in two days and after being in Big Sky, Montana with no fast food places around for a whole year, my stomach was already hurting from the day and a half of eating it on the road. We ate, visited for a bit then hit the sack and passed right on out.

I got up the next morning and started the coffee and my dad got up and we had coffee on the back patio, chatting when all of a sudden I heard a familiar sound from my childhood. I looked up into the sky and saw a hot air balloon slowly drift by and I wished I could run around and wake up the girls and my husband so they could see it too, but knowing I had no time to do so I just sat and quietly enjoyed it! And got a picture of course ;)

When everyone had their breakfast on the patio we all got ready to head to the Rio Grande Zoo. I hadn’t been back there in forever and was excited to show my girls where I used to go when I lived in Albuquerque, even got to show them the park across the way that I was a cheerleader at for a few of my teams games. We had a great time walking around, my youngest was so excited to see all the animals that were out. We also had a real nice picnic in the shade by the polar bear exhibit, my step mom really went all out and it was so good! After awhile we stopped off at a store to do some souvenir shopping but left empty handed with the promise of going to Old Town the next day.

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We went back to my dads to get freshened up for dinner at the mountain with my step sister and her husband and son. We headed out early so Rob and Ashton could ride to the summit of the Sandia Mountains. I couldn’t go as sadly something in me has changed since I was a kid and heights freak me out now but they went up and had some amazing views of Albuquerque. They stayed up there for about an hour round trip while my youngest and I went shopping in the gift store. Found some nice things too. After they came down we headed into the restaurant and met up with the rest of our party and preceded to have a great dinner, with talking and laughter, Abby is my daughter all right, she kept her end of the table laughing and I kept my end of the table laughing :) Great to see them again and the dinner was great, especially the margaritas!


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The next morning we headed out to Old Town, one of my all time favorite places from my childhood. I was super excited to have my family see this place. We stopped at the Church Street Cafe for a delicious breakfast and chatted with a great waiter who I have had the pleasure of meeting before. He rocks! After we all finished we headed out to shop for things and see all the Indian craftsmen and women who lined the sidewalk making and selling their beautiful jewelry. We picked out a few things then headed to see the church, which if you are ever in Albuquerque is a must see! After we had bought everything we needed, well not needed but wanted, we headed to the Dinosaur Museum to explore. Funny thing was when we stopped in the planetarium for the show my dad, husband and youngest daughter all fell asleep for thirty minutes leaving my step mom, oldest daughter and I awake to watch it. I totally could have gone to sleep as well but fought it hard. After we had been through the whole place we headed back, stopping for pizza on the way. Boy were we beat when we got back! Filled up on dinner and played a few rounds of Rummykub, which if you like game is a fun one to own!

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Since we decided to stay and extra day because of the storm surrounding Florida, we took this last one to just relax and visit. We went out for breakfast, stopped at the mall for a couple of things and then packed up our car to head out bright and early the next morning. We really did have an amazing time, so happy I got to share that with my family, wish my son could have been there too. I miss my Dad and Mama D a lot and definitely wish the distance wasn’t so far. My girls loved visiting their grandparents and ask when we are going back all the time. We love you guys!!!


Thanks to you both for your hospitality and the love and care you showed us all! Oh yeah and a special thank you for the amazing packed lunches that lasted us two days so we didn’t have to stop so much, they were amazing!!!!!


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  1. dad says:

    Nice article. Thank you for the kind words. We too, had a great time, but way, way to short! We love you all so much.

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