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Heading Home: Days One and Two

July 12, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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I have been excited for 9 months to head back home and the day has arrived. I barely slept last night because I was excited and nervous about our cross country drive. So I was kind of groggy when I got out of bed, but quickly got everyone up, the car packed and we were off. Saying goodbye to Big Sky was easy for me, it is a beautiful place but I knew in my heart it was not where I belonged. I knew I would miss the new friends I had made and I left hoping that they understood why Big Sky was not my home.


The first day of our trip was smooth sailing the first few hours. We stopped in Ashton, Idaho and took pictures of our Ashton under the sign and had a little fun stretching our legs for a bit. Then got back in the car for a few more hours of smooth traveling. And then the mountains started up, the roads steep our car with the trailer was struggling to get up the roads. We were really worried that our car would just stop working. And that is saying a lot! Our car is 7 years old and we have taken great care of it and it only has 30,000 miles on it. But she was struggling, so the kids and I decided to name the car and cheer her on when it came to steep roads. Mystie was the name that we chose and together on every steep road we all cheered her on and clapped when she made it up. We stopped in Price, Utah, after a rather scary section of the road, for the night. Boy were we beat!


We awoke early the next day, excited because at the days end we were going to be in Albuquerque and I was going to see my dad again after two years. Our travels started out scary as they were the day before, even had a stretch of 183 miles where the restrooms at sparsely placed gas stations were too dirty to use. Finally found a decent rest stop, fueled up, stretched our legs and bought some water only an hour and a half outside of Albuquerque. When the Sandia mountains came into view I had an overwhelming feeling of home, even though that is not my home, I shared a chunk of my childhood, the years that I actually remember, there. I was so excited to be there with my husband and girls and share things with them. Just sorry my son couldn’t be there with us.


We arrived safe and sound and we didn’t have to worry about getting back in the car the next morning because we were staying for two days to sight see and visit. We didn’t know a storm was brewing over Florida…


2 Responses to “Heading Home: Days One and Two”
  1. 1955nurse says:

    OMG – you’re so lucky! I spent a LAGE chucnk of my growing-up years in Albuquerque. My Grandparents moved there when I was a child & every year when school was out I’d fly from Iowa to Albuquerque, & my parents drove out in August to take me home. My dream is to go back – I haven’t been since my Gradpa died – & hope I can someday! Enjoy your days in the “Land of Enchantment” !!!

  2. Judith Coe says:

    Sounds like Fun!

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