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Hello Kitty POP Phone | Review

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Company: Native Union / Hello Kitty
Item Reviewed: White Hello Kitty POP Phone


It’s cute, it’s adorable! This 50′s Bakelite retro style handset fused with Hello Kitty makes it a great add-on to your Hello Kitty collection!

An interpretation of the classic 50s Bakelite design telephone that combines a retro style handset with luxurious soft-touch texture. Built with high quality speaker and microphone for crisp sound and clarity, Pop Phone fits all mobile phones, tablets and computers (adapter may be required). Works with iPhone, iPad and Android. Ideal for use with Skype, Google Talk and VoIP computer telephony. Award-winning product by French designer David Turpin.

My Thoughts

While I love technology and the way that phones have changed I do miss a bigger handset. I was one who was comfortable holding a phone handset to my ear and I have been able to do that again thanks to the Hello Kitty POP Phone. The merge between my favorite style of handset and Hello Kitty was the perfect one for not only myself but my teen daughter loves it too! It was funny to show it to her too because she said why would anyone use a bigger handset but once I gave it to her to try it out she loved it, especially talking to her friends over Skype on the computer. When a few of her friends saw her talking on it they said they loved it and wanted to get one too. In fact she has let all her friends know of the fun new addition to her technology collection, even as she says, if it is old technology (the concept not the actual phone :) ) They are cute and add some fun for when you have to be on the phone. Check them out today!

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