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It Is Good To Get Away Every Once In Awhile, Especially To Disney

February 11, 2013 by admin - Jennifer  
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The title says it all. Everyone needs time away, either alone or with your spouse. And that is exactly what my husband and I did two weekends ago, thanks to our son Josh. For our Christmas present last year he got us a two night stay at the beautiful Disney Caribbean Beach Resort (see previous post on this beautiful property). We decided to use it for an early Valentine’s Day adventure, just the two of us, alone. It was a much needed break and so much fun!

We started the weekend off on Friday first checking into the hotel and then hopping a bus to Animal Kingdom where we spent most of our time in Africa on the safari and just hanging out at the Dawa Bar sipping on a beer, listening to the music of a nearby show and just talking, about us, our future and our love. I love those times with my husband. We usually do pretty much the same thing on Saturdays but there is an added magical touch being surrounded by Disney. After a few hours we headed back to the hotel to get freshened up for Downtown Disney and Splitsville, a place we have both been looking forward to checking out.

 photo splitsville1_zps90c77e4c.jpg  photo splitsville2_zps65975a16.jpg  photo splitsville3_zps50fb1b91.jpg

Splitsville is amazing! It is a two story bowling alley (really it is more than a bowling alley, so much to do) and we were taken upstairs to or own little lane with a great booth. Now neither one of us has bowled in over twenty years and while we had a blast doing so I was hurting the next day. I somehow managed to slide rolling the ball and pulled a muscle in my butt! Yep, leave it to me to hurt myself in the oddest places. But we really did have a great time. The place is really amazing and I really hope it sticks around for a long time. My husband had the calamari and he absolutely loved it, said it was the best he ever had! There was only one thing that I was surprised at. The waitress was waiting at the end of our lane and the second the timer ran out on our bowling time she came over and gave us our bill. I was kind of confused because I was waiting for her to say that we could move to another table and continue eating and drinking but she didn’t, she made me feel rushed out, so we left to have dinner at House of Blues, which royally sucked! The food was horrible, the service was worse and we left wishing we had just stayed at Splitsville.

We headed back to the resort early and got a few drinks at the bar while enjoying a movie shown at night in the courtyard. I sat back and was once again amazed by just how awesome Disney is. I fell asleep that night very peacefully, something I have not done in a long time.

The next day we were headed to Hollywood Studios and Epcot and the day turned out to be very nice, with a few new surprises thrown in. We caught the Disney bus to Hollywood Studios and wandered around for awhile. We took in the new Captain Jack Sparrow show, which was new to us. Then we headed for some rides before we decided to head to Epcot. Now this may sound weird to some who knew this but we experienced something we hadn’t before. We were able to walk from Hollywood Studios to Epcot and it only took us 20 minutes. All these years of living here, and practically living at the Disney theme parks I never knew you could do this. It was wonderful, we walked a lot this day and the added walk through parts of the area we hadn’t seen before was really nice!

We arrived at Epcot with a few places in mind to check out and pick up some items. I wanted to refresh my candy stock from Germany and pick up some things for our girls so we walked around the World Showcase quite a few times. That is when we decided to really check out the Japan pavilion and we were in for our next surprise. See we always just walk past Japan, never really stopping for more than just listening to the drummers when they are out, which by the way are phenomenal. But this time we headed back farther and found heaven. Okay, not exactly heaven but Nintendo and Hayao Miyazaki are close enough. And we never knew this store existed. We were like kids in a candy store picking up things and saying we want them. From Zelda backpacks to some of my favorite Pokémon and Miyazaki pictures I couldn’t decide what to get at that time and what to save for my next trip. I could seriously go broke in there. We were loving it and said it will always be a stop on our itinerary when we go to Epcot.

 photo epcotchips_zps30fcd557.jpg  photo epcot1_zpsc2dc8b6b.jpg  photo epcot3_zps4df4370a.jpg

We ended our day at the amazing Mexico pavilion with a few drinks at La Cava del Tequila (their Sangria is amazing!) while waiting for our dinner reservation at the San Angel Inn Restaurante. This restaurant is both my husband and my favorite in Epcot. Not only does it hold a special meaning to us from some of our first meals while we were dating but it continues to be our go to place to really sit back and relax and enjoy not only our surrounding but each others company. And the food is perfect! My Carne Asada was so delicious and I cleaned my plate! Goes great with Sangria too. We were stuffed when we left and once back to the hotel we talked about what an amazing time we had and how much fun Disney can be with no kids.

This much needed escape was so worth it and will last for a bit, but I am already planning our next adults only visit to our favorite place! Disney is so good for making memories and we intend to make many, many more!




One Response to “It Is Good To Get Away Every Once In Awhile, Especially To Disney”
  1. Lori Hagey says:

    It sounds like you and your husband had an amazing time. I grew-up in Orlando and worked at Disney when I was in high school. Working for the “Mouse” definitely had its perks: free park entrance (including friends and family), discounts on dining, gifts, and anything Disney related. However, the pay was less than average, but all-in-all it was an excellent first job.

    On a side note, I too have dined at House of Blues and the food and service were both terrible. They should stick to what they know: concerts, live music and entertainment.

    Reading your post about your Disney vacation makes me want to take a trip back home and pay the parks a visit.

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