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iVillage PBS KIDS Summer Reading Community Challenge

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The iVillage PBS KIDS Summer Reading Community Challenge began yesterday and features free literacy-building resources for parents and children designed by the experts at PBS Parents and PBS KIDS.  Challenge Coach, Angela Santomero, Creator, Executive Producer and Head Writer of SUPER WHY!, will provide daily reading activity assignments, answer parent questions and offer advice throughout the online event. Guest coaches such as cast members, characters, authors and series creators from PBS KIDS will also provide activities and ideas each week.  PBS KIDS will also offer other summer literacy resources on-air and online, with themed weeks airing on PBS KIDS, as well as online tips and resources for parents to use with their children this summer.

Fight the summer slide and keep your child reading and learning all summer long with our free six-week program.

Sign up now and you will get daily emails with literacy-building tips and activities from experts at PBS KIDS and Scholastic.

You’ll also get book suggestions and discounts, free downloads of PBS KIDS shows and a daily chance to win $1,000 and other great prizes.

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My Daughter

This past weekend we had a few of both my daughters friends over for a going away party (for our upcoming move) and a kick off to summer reading that is so important for everyone. The kids all got goody bags full of summer reading books, stickers, bookmarks, reading lists and charts. I loved being able to offer these items to my kids friends and it allowed me to openly chat with some moms and let them know how important reading is to me and how important it is for my kids.

My oldest daughter read a few chapters of Marty McGuire to all the little kids (and some of the bigger ones that wanted to hear the story) and when she was finished they all clapped, having enjoyed the story and saying they couldn’t wait to either read the rest of the story themselves or have it read to them. I loved seeing all the kids happy because of a book! I also liked the chatting I was doing with the moms, some of whom are in my book club, so they know how much we all like reading! The reading party was a success, the kids left happy and anxious to read! Best feeling ever!!!!

for summer reading goody bags.


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  1. I love PBS Kids because these kind of programs help to improve kid´s education, even parents could learn pedagogic programs that PBS Kids are using. thak you for your post!

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