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Journal 10 | Review

November 15, 2011 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Journal 10
Item Reviewed: 2012-2022 Journal 10


From a child’s first words to his or her first soccer goal. From a best friend’s engagement news to a grandchild’s graduation. Special memories deserve to be saved, remembered and celebrated. With Journal 10+, you can record daily events and remembrances for up to 11 years, keep track of birthday & anniversaries, set goals and so much more.

Let Journal 10+ help preserve precious memories before it’s too late. Why? Because Time Flies – record them now and build a memoir to treasure.

  • Takes just 5 minutes a day
  • No pressure to fill a blank page
  • Builds over time into a family memoir
  • As you make each entry you see what was happening on that day in previous years
  • Re-reading triggers memories of people, place and events otherwise forgotten
  • Captures personal and family development and milestones

My Thoughts

I have always loved keeping a journal, but the longest I ever recorded anything was for about four months, and even then I didn’t write every day. I am loving the Journal 10 for two main reasons. One, I will be able to write or a better word would be jot. I can jot down what is going on around me, how I am feeling, the kids achievements, memory making things and it won’t take me long at all. I will keep it by my bedside and make sure to write every night before bed. The second reason is because this decade (plus) that I will be keeping track of should be one of the best of my life, I can remember things throughout my 40′s and pass that along to my children. I would really like to keep this going for the rest of my life so I have something that shows who I am for my children and my grandchildren. The Journal 10 would make an excellent gift for everyone on your holiday list!

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