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Kim Kardashian True Reflection | Fragrance Review

July 26, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Kim Kardashian
Item Reviewed: True Reflection Fragrance

A tantalizing oriental fragrance, True Reflection by Kim Kardashian reflects every aspect of the modern woman – from her entrancing femininity to her sophisticated glamour. Blending top notes of luscious plum and succulent peach with a rich floral heart, rounded out with an earthy finish of patchouli and musk, True Reflection is a warm, sensual embrace that guarantees instant attraction.

I love fragrances and the new True Reflection fragrance by Kim Kardashian is a very pretty scent. I actually liken it to a beachy type scent, with a hint of gardenia which is my favorite flower of all time. The notes mix well together and have gained me quite a few comments from family and friends when I give hugs. It is a favorite of mine and one that I can see quickly disappearing rather quickly, after all it is now my husband’s favorite scent for me to wear. I have even, as I always do with fragrances, caught my daughter sneaking a few sprays here and there.

Available exclusively at Lord and Taylor, pick up your new summer scent that will be a true reflection of everything you stand for as a woman.

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