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Letters with Pooh | iPad App Review

October 18, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Disney Learning
Item Reviewed: Letters with Pooh

Letters with Pooh is a Disney Learning interactive app filled with delightful activities designed to help young children identify and write letters of the alphabet. Children will join Winnie the Pooh on his quest for honey and help him reach a honeybee’s hive by tracing letters and collecting letter balloons. Finally, they will assist Pooh’s friends in supplemental activities that reinforce the letters they traced and collected during Pooh’s honey-hunting adventure.


  • Practice tracing and writing upper- and lowercase letters to help Pooh find honey!
  • Record all the letters of the alphabet in your own voice!
  • Play fun, character-driven activities that reinforce letter identification!
  • Create your own Winnie the Pooh scenes with interactive stickers!
  • Guided skill instruction for up to four players
  • Comprehensive parents’ section with content leveling and progress monitoring
  • Whimsical Winnie the Pooh artwork!
  • Professional narration, music and charming sound effects!

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My Thoughts

My daughter is actively trying to learn her letters and seems to do so much better when that learning time is fun while being educational. That is why I like Letters with Pooh. She gets to learn her letters as she plays with the beloved Winnie the Pooh characters and it has helped her so much. She can now write about half of her letters after tracing them on the app and she is so proud of herself when she does it. I like this app because it is portable, she can keep learning while out and about with me and she doesn’t have to carry all the papers, crayons and pencils she use to before these types of apps have come out for the iPad. A definite favorite with us!


3 Responses to “Letters with Pooh | iPad App Review”
  1. Stacie says:

    I have been eyeing this one up. I just might have to grab this for my daughter this weekend. She loves tracing letters like this on the ipad.

  2. My iPad will be arriving this week and looking for things for the boys. I think my little guy will love this to help him with the letters. Bonus is he loves these characters. Now I need to look at your old reviews to see what else we should investigate :)

  3. Very interesting app? Do we know the price?

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