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Lumene Sensitive Touch Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster | Review

December 13, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Lumene
Item Reviewed: Sensitive Touch Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster


Re-establish your skin’s hydration. Multi-function product with advanced gel formula re-establishes skin’s moisture level in an instant. Helps even out fine lines caused by de-hydration. Provides a smooth and silky texture to the skin, perfecting the surface for even face make-up. Contains new Natural Moisturizing Technology: a unique combination of pure, mineral rich Arctic spring water and natural hyaluronic acid. A multi-tasking product, it helps even out fine lines and also works as a primer by smoothing skin’s surface.

I love this product! It literally feels like you are adding water to your skin and it immediately soaks in leaving my skin feeling smooth and looking hydrated. I carry this tube with me everywhere and I can’t imagine not using it on a daily basis. Living in Florida it does not get as cold as it does up North (boy would this have come in handy for me when I was in Montana for a year) but my skin still gets dried out during the cooler months here and I want to make sure I have Lumene Sensitive Touch Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster on hand at all times. It is my new go to and I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

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