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Mayron’s Good Baby Review

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Good Baby Logo

Melanie MaynorMelanie Mayron won an Emmy for her role on the groundbreaking ABC drama “thirtysomething”. She has acted in feature films as well as television. She was last seen in a recurring role on “Lipstick Jungle” on NBC. She performed on Broadway and Off. She has forged an additional career as a director in movies and television and most recently directed episodes of the critically acclaimed series for HBO, “Tell Me You Love Me” as well as several episodes of “In Treatment”, also for HBO, starring Gabriel Byrne and Diane Weist. This season, along with launching her new line of Natural Skin Care for small and big babies, Melanie directed episodes of “Lipstick Jungle,” “90210” on the CW and “Greek,” on ABC Family.

Developed byMelanie Mayron and her chemist father David, Mayron’s Good Baby is a cruelty-free, all natural skin care line that does not use synthetic fragrances, paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, or DEA. For more information or to order products, please visit

Product Line

Product Line

No Paraben. No sodium lauryl sulfate. No DEA. Just natural, clean brilliant stuff. Loaded with essential oils, vitamins, anti-oxidants and healing ingredients in the aromatherapuetic tradition.

So after over a dozen years in development, we are bringing to you “Our Best” Barrier and Diaper Cream. In the next few months we will be offering up our “Tangerine” Baby Oil, our “Really Good” Hydrating Body Milk, our “Gentle” Head to Toe Shampoo, our “Amazing Chapped Cheek and Lip Protector,” and our “Can‘t Live Without It” Sleepless Night Cream.

I for one can’t wait for the whole line to be released. Why? Because I recently had the chance to try out the Good Baby Barrier & Diaper Cream and I really think it is the best out there. First thing I noticed when putting it on my daughter was the wonderful, fresh clean scent it had, I seriously would wear that scent as a perfume. The thickness is great as it coats and protects my baby’s bottom. This is perfect!!! And it’s isn’t just for babies, no sir, just check out these uses for adults too:

Soothes chafing due to any of the following: (this list cracks me up)

  • Too much Tennis
  • Long Trail Rides
  • Day Hikes
  • Honeymoons
  • New Shoe Blisters
  • Spring Cleaning Callouses
  • Extreme Sun Protection
  • Air Travel – Cross Continent Flight and Red-Eyes
  • A.O.D.R (Adult Onset Diaper Rash)* (*don’t pretend you don’t know)
  • Triathlon post-salty ocean swims before bike ride and run
  • Post-various Dalliances and assignations

Barrier & Diaper Cream

LOVE IT!!!! I seriously can not wait until the whole line up of products are released, I want to be one of the first in line to get it all :) I highly recommend it to EVERYONE, baby or not.


3 Responses to “Mayron’s Good Baby Review”
  1. it sound like it would be some nice stuff i have to get the info as to where to get it at so well i can try and get some

    jennifer bowen´s last blog more partys and events that are going on and just geting ready to start up

  2. Joan Levitt says:

    I am a huge fan of Melanie Mayron. I purchased a tube of her diaper cream and loved it. I bought if for my baby, but ended up using myself on my feet!

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