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My Playhome iPad App | Review

June 17, 2011 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Shimon Young
Item Reviewed: My Playhome iPad App


My PlayHome is a small virtual world for your kids to explore and interact with. Designed by parents, this app will develop your kid’s imagination and let them act out social interactions while playing in the beautiful hand drawn world.

Prepare the kitchen table for breakfast! Boil some water and fry an egg! Feed the kids, put them to bed and then relax in the living room to some classical music!

But most importantly, let your kids create their own little family stories in this free play world.


  • Feed the family cereal, fruit, sandwiches…whatever you find in the kitchen!
  • Set plates and cups on the table!
  • Pour drinks!
  • Boil the kettle, fry an egg, put pizza in the oven!
  • Try on different hats!
  • Blow bubbles!
  • Put the kids to sleep in their bunk bed and turn out the light!
  • Use the shower and shampoo!
  • Brush their teeth!
  • Change music by putting a CD in the stereo!
  • No Advertisements!
  • No In-App Purchases!

My Thoughts

To say that my toddler loves this app is a total understatement. When I first downloaded it and showed it to her she was excited, but little did I know that she would spend the next three hours playing with it. What made me happy was when she started to move the characters around and was adding voices to them. She even played out a scene from a recent day when I was after the two older kids to get their rooms cleaned up. She also made the mom say, “Stop jumping on the bed” and I looked over and sure enough there was a kid in the app bouncing on the bed, not sure that was supposed to happen but she liked that it did.


She plays with it every day, making one scene in the kitchen and the next day in the kids room. She gets so involved with the My Playhome app and loves every minute of it. It got so where I had to limit her time spent with it. But she asks for it every day and I see her enjoys it so much. I highly recommend this app to anyone with younger kids who like playing with dolls and dollhouses, this app takes their imagination digital! When I asked my toddler if she gave it two thumbs up she said, “Yes and both my big toes too!”

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