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My Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey

April 16, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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If you don’t like sex talk, or you are reading the books and don’t want spoilers, please skip this post…

A few weeks ago while watching the Today Show they had a segment on women flipping out over a book called Fifty Shades of Grey. I watched the segment, finding it funny that the women were saying that their men were benefiting from the new sexy novel. I filed the information away for future reference. Within the two weeks following that segment I started seeing other bloggers saying they were reading it, some saying that it was awesome and you just had to read it. Friends back home were oohing and ahhing over the first book, so it prompted me to finally agree to read it.

Below I am going to share a few of my thoughts and opinions, please keep in mind that they are just that, mine. I know some people will not agree with me and some people will. It is just my way of viewing the book. So with that said…

  • The writing sucks! I say that because the book did not grab my attention with the first chapter, which it should if I am going to read it, however I decided to push past it because I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. In doing so I found that the author continually used the phrases “Down there” and “Holy F@#&” in every other sentence it seems. Wait a minute, if you are going to write a sex book, and it is chock full of sex, you can’t use correct terminology or even slang? Down there sounds so childish for an adult erotic novel!
  • You have a dominate character here but he allows her to talk back, correct him and say no. Now I know absolutely zilch about that world so I am not making these statements based on knowledge, but it doesn’t seem to mesh well in the story to me.
  • Speaking of the dominant character, I feel for him. He is a tortured soul and all the story makes me want to do is fix him.
  • Now Anastasia, the female lead character, was a virgin, and she lost that virginity in a way that I was happy to see, I would have been mortified if being exposed to the dominants world was her first experience. BUT she knew how he was and allowed that to happen knowing she was being prepped for his world. Hot or not I would not allow myself to be used that way. And when he hurts her, and he does hurt her, she freaks out and runs. My thought is “what the hell did you expect?”
  • Ana calls him Fifty all the time. That is just plain stupid. He has a name, use it! If she is worried about how he is Fifty Shades of F’d Up she shouldn’t be with him!
  • Ana is also continuously worried that she has made Christian mad and how he will punish her. Again I have no experience whatsoever in this field but shouldn’t a submissive want to be punished? Why is she worried about pissing him off when what she says would piss anyone off?
  • Going back to the writing sucking, I am shocked this book was published. I am not saying that I can do better by any means, but it is riddled with typos and more. But the thing that bothered me was the use of the same words and descriptions. I read in the beginning that Christian Grey is gorgeous and has beautiful grey eyes, I do not need to be reminded every other page. And I could totally do without the inner goddess always running and hiding behind the couch. To me there is nothing new happening or being introduced as I read on.


With that all being said (and there are more annoyances they just escape me at the moment) the author did make me care about the characters. I want to see Christian fixed and Ana get what she wants. So I have purchase the second book and have started that and will finish the trilogy to see what happens. That will be $20 I don’t really want to spend on such bad writing but I do want to see how it all plays out. Maybe by paying that I can help fix Christian…perhaps?

As a side note too, I like to think of myself as a fairly sexual being (cover your eyes dad) but what I am reading in no way makes me want to take that to my husband. I get getting all worked up reading about sex but why take that to your husband? He should be the one getting you all worked up, not a book about a sad, tortured soul.

Oh yeah, if I have to read “Come Ana” one more time I will scream! Be prepared to hear me scream from where ever you are in the world ;)

Are you reading this trilogy? What are your thoughts?


5 Responses to “My Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey”
  1. Jackie says:

    I started reading the other night. I just got past the page where she lost her virginity. I agree with all that you said…but I will continue reading because everyone is talking about the book. I think I heard they are making it into a movie.

  2. Johnny says:

    Sounds like you actually got pretty into this book. At the very least, the Today Show press did its job and got you talking (and blogging) about it. I just want to know what men are reading stuff like this? Seems more like something my aunt would read on the beach.

  3. Mary Johnson says:

    Well, I guess everybody has their own different tastes. Maybe the book sucks for you but a lot of people liked it. I think the reason is those people can relate to the story.

  4. anon says:

    Ana was never a sub which is why she can spesk to Christian and say no. She uses “down there”. to depict a shy and inexperienced young woman. The writing is not phenomenal but it is an easy read.

  5. Margaret says:

    Haven’t read it and have no desire to. I already have a lengthy list of books on my “to read” list. I know many who have read it, including my mother, who read it after my younger sister; also 3 close friends. Strangely ALL of them have said similar comments as you about the poor quality of writing, etc, yet they ALL finished the series. One friend said she threw the books out after reading as she didn’t want them in her house any more and couldn’t find anyone to pass them on to. So funny.

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