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Peek-A-Boo Bag By International Playthings Review

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Peek-A-Boo Bag


Rough ‘N Tuff Peek-A-Boo Bag

Each Peek-A-Boo Bag includes a snap tag that lists everything to find. Every bag measures 6″ square. Take them in the car, on the plane, in a waiting room, to grandma’s house—anywhere! Create your own games; find something blue, find something that rhymes with… tell stories with the pieces you find, the possibilities are endless!

I recently got the chance to review a great new toy to add to my toddler’s favorites, the Peek-A-Boo Bag by International Playthings. She absolutely loves me telling her something to look for and gets so excited when she finds it. She has so many hours of fun just sitting and playing with this toy. You know how you worry when things are quite for too long with your kids? Well I was worried one day, so I went to check on her and saw as I rounded the corner her sitting there saying the names of what she was seeing aloud and then clapping her hands. I was happy she was getting so much excitement out of it.

I love it as a parent because the Peek-A-Boo Bag helps me out when we have a long drive or a great amount of time where she needs to be in the stroller or shopping cart. She really enjoys playing with this toy. She even asked her older sister where the football was. I love it that she has learned new words through playing with this and that it brings a smile to her face.

International Playthings has three styles to their Peek-A-Boo bags, the Rough ‘N Tuff that I reviewed and the “Everything A to Z”  as well as the “Sugar & Spice”. I recommend getting one for your child and watch in amazement as they search for items. My favorite part is when they find an item, they get so proud of themselves, my daughter giggles and claps. It really is a fun toy.


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