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PicPocket Books | BlueBeary | iPhone / iPod Book App | Review

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Company: PicPocket Books
Item Reviewed: BlueBeary Book App

PicPocket Books Logo

With PicPocket Books, children can:

  • LOOK at the same pretty pictures featured in the printed book! We reproduce both the words and the images on your phone.
  • LISTEN to one of our narrators or to one of the family! And coming soon, friends and family can read and record the story in their own voices!
  • TOUCH the screen to turn the page or let the page turn automatically, perfect for less dexterous little ones!
  • LEARN to read! Words will highlight as the text is read and replay when touched for on-the-go education.

BlueBeary is a book about belonging. Everyone needs a primary place of belonging from which to grow. We all need someone who loves us best of all and cleans us up when we fall down. From that place of belonging we wander out and forage through life, discovering the world around us. Join Samantha and Beary on their first colorful adventure in the Open Eyes series as they grow, learn and explore the world.


  • High fidelity, full-color illustrations that stay true to the original print book.
  • High quality audio recording.
  • Play-pause to start and stop the story at any time.
  • Fast-forward and fast-back to replay images and audio.
  • Stories downloadable directly to your device, anytime, anywhere, on-the-go.
  • Buy it once, play it as many times as you want.
  • Patent-pending technology.

My Thoughts


My toddler loved me reading this book to her, heck my tween sat in on our reading time and she liked it too. We all have had a favorite bear that we carried around when we were little, my toddler even renamed hers to BlueBeary and this story was a fun, adventurous one to read. I love PicPocket Books and I am so pleased that I can keep adding them on my daughter’s iPod (she had more apps than I did so it is now hers). I recommend everyone checking out a PicPocket Book today!


One Response to “PicPocket Books | BlueBeary | iPhone / iPod Book App | Review”
  1. I had a favorite bear that went everywhere with me! I love that your tween joined in for reading tome. You’re never to old to share a story!

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