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See’s Candies Custom Mix | Review

May 24, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: See’s Candies
Item Reviewed: Custom Mix Box of Chocolates


I love chocolate, but the one thing I could never get use to was when someone bought me a box of chocolates, or I bought one myself that at least half the box would not get eaten because they were flavors I did not like. See’s Candies has come up with a way that will ensure I never have to deal with that again. They now have Custom Mix Boxes.

What is a Custom Mix Box? It is the way to allow you to like every single piece of chocolate in the box. You just click on the Custom Mix link and it takes you to a page where you can see all the candy and get descriptions of each piece and then you can add it to your mix. What I did when I created my custom box was to add all my favorites and then you can add what percentage of the box you want with that type. This allows you to have much more of your favorites on hand to hopefully eat before your family does. I tell you they dug into this box faster than any other time I have had a box of chocolates on the counter. When I asked why I was told that it was because they knew I filled it with all the kinds that they liked too!

I think the Custom Mix being offered by See’s Candies is brilliant and now they will be on my list of gifts to buy knowing that I can make it the perfect gift for everyone I know by sending the types of candies they like.  Before, when I have given boxes of chocolates to close friends for a holiday or occasion I knew half of it ended up in the trash because it wasn’t what they liked, now that won’t be a problem anymore and I will relax and know I did not just waste my money! To all my friends and family reading this – guess what you will be getting this year :)

I HIGHLY recommend checking out the new See’s Candies Custom Mix Box today!!!

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