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Kuru Footwear | Review

November 21, 2009 by admin - Jennifer  
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Kuru [koo-roo] – Village in Finland; known for environmental conservation and water so pure and clean one can drink directly from its streams. We believe everyone should have the best, off-the-shelf, orthotic quality support in the shoes they purchase. If your foot isn’t flat, then your shoe shouldn’t be flat. Through advancements in materials technology [...]

Ahnu Footwear Review And Giveaway

May 14, 2009 by admin - Jennifer  
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At Ahnu, we engineer footwear to live by. And in every pair, our quality, technology, style and sustainability redefine what it means to be an outdoor performance and lifestyle brand. Life is a balancing act between work and play, family and friends, self and society. If our designs simplify, streamline or amplify your endeavors, then [...]