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Willa Natural Skincare Perfect For Teenagers

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  Company: WillaGirl, Inc. Item Reviewed: Select Willa Skincare Products Willa Skincare offers products (such as facial cleanser, sunscreen and lots more) to tween and teen girls. The products use only natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals, parabens and sulfates. Up to 80% of lasting skin damage happens by age 18 – so […]

Broken Doll Tees | Review

November 29, 2012 by  
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Company: Broken Doll Item Reviewed: Broken Doll Tees Broken Doll has chic graphic t-shirts, stylish sweatshirts and t-shirt dresses. Broken Doll is the next “it” brand along with the character Baily Dahl featuered on the clothing as the next ‘it’ character! The line is from the creator of NotoriouStreetWear, Michael Redmond, specially tailored to teenagers […]

Eye Doll Chatter | Teen Makeup Review

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Company: Eyedoll Chatter Item Reviewed: Kit Full of Kisses and My Besties Love Pink EyeDoll Chatter is the brainchild of two Atlanta sisters, one a Smartphone app developer, the other a makeup artist, and their mom.   All products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and contain no talcs, dyes, parabens or other ingredients that can harm and […]

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty | Book Review

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Author: Ann Shoket Item Reviewed: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty When it comes to helping you look-and feel-your best, no one does it better than Seventeen! And now, all the beauty advice you need is packed into one amazing book! Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty is every girl’s handbook to celebrating her real beauty! It’s […]

Twirlyz Hair Accessories | Review and Giveaway

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Company: Twirlyz Item Reviewed: Twirlyz Hair Accessories Item Given Away: $25 credit for Start Date: June 15 End Date: June 30 Short is in my youngest daughters hair and long is in my older daughters hair. Twirlyz are quickly becoming the new “it” accessory of 2012 for girls, tweens, teens, college kids and beyond. […]

Dot Girl First Period Kits | Review

October 21, 2010 by  
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Company: Dot Girl Products Item Reviewed: Dot Girl First Period Kit Taken from website…Our goal at Dot Girl Products is that every girl has a positive first period experience and an empowered first step to womanhood. We are two sisters, Terri Goodwin and Kathy Pickus, who founded Dot Girl Products in December of 2006.  We […]

LensAlert! | Review and Giveaway

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Company: LensAlert! Item Reviewed: LensAlert! Contact Lens Care Kit Item Given Away: LensAlert! Contact Lens Care Kit – 2 Winners Start Date: September 9 End Date: September 24 LensAlert was invented by a contact lens patient at an annual eye exam after his eye doctor warned him of the dangers of late lens and case […]

OXY Clinical Acne Solutions | Review

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Company: The Mentholatum Company Item Reviewed: Oxy Clinical Acne Solutions Pack Introducing NEW OXY® Clinical The over-the-counter acne medication clinically shown to provide prescription-level results* without a dermatologist. Even if you’ve tried other products that haven’t worked for you in the past, OXY® Clinical could be the solution you’re looking for. It’s the breakthrough to […]

Clear Poreformance | Shampoo and Conditioner | Review

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Company: Clear Poreformance Item Reviewed: Clear Poreformance Shampoo & Conditioner SheriLou Inc. was founded in 2007 by two practicing dermatologists – Dr. Sheri Feldman, and Dr. Louise Stewart, to address the needs of their patients. As practicing dermatologists, the doctors are familiar with, and utilize the vast number of prescription and nonprescription products on the […]

LRNtheLingo | iPod / iPhone App | Review

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Company: Crabtree + Company, Inc. Item Reviewed: LRNtheLingo iPod App It’s already hard enough being a parent without having to deal with the “foreign” language being spoken by your children and their friends. Whether texting “encrypted” messages, emoticons or slang, now you can LRNtheLingo and understand what they’re saying. It’s all here and easily searchable […]

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