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Talking To Your Children About Child Hunger

July 17, 2013 by admin - Jennifer  
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Talking to my children about child hunger is an ongoing conversation in my house. Having been one of the statistics in the past I understand every aspect of this horrible fact. Anytime my children don’t eat all their food I remind them that there are children here in our country that don’t have a meal to not eat. I share with them how it was for me when I was younger and how bad I felt and I know that my oldest daughter understands, my youngest daughter however is a little confused why the kids can’t just go to the store and get food. I love that she is in the question phase of her lifeĀ because she asks me some very important questions. Things like:

  1. Why don’t the parents help get the kids food?
  2. Why don’t the kids just go to the pantry in their house and get a snack?
  3. Why don’t other family members help the kids get food?
  4. Why can’t the kids come here for food?

And so on. She asked #2 because our pantry is always stocked, a little more than it really should be but it is something I do subconsciously because of what happened when I was young. I stock it full and sometimes overflowing and never realized I did that until my husband pointed it out to me. He was right, I am still afraid we won’t have food and that my children will be hungry. I explain to her that the kids parent’s of course want to feed their children but that sometimes times are tough and their is no money coming in for food. Sometimes the grandparents take their kids into their home so that they and their grandchildren can be fed. And as far as kids coming here to get food, I have that covered. There are a few of my daughter’s schoolmates that I know have difficulties with food and I never hesitate to create play dates so those children can come here and have a sandwich, chips and milk. In the past I have even gone shopping for some of those in need and when I do that I love getting my kids involved so they know why we are buying food for them and my youngest evenĀ picks out food she likes because she just knows that her friend will like it too.

It is very important to me to teach my children about this epidemic in child hunger and talking to them has been great learning experience for them and for myself. It breaks my heart to see children in the same spot I was in and I wish I could just help them all. While that is not possible I like the feeling I get and how excited my kids get when we do what we can. Talk to your children about child hunger.

What You Can Do To Help

Helping couldn’t be easier! Join Chris O’Donnell in donating a meal to a child in need just by viewing the video below! It is as simple as that.

The video must be watched all the way through in order for the view to be counted toward the donation total.

I am working with ConAgra Foods via The Motherhood to get the word out about this very important program. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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