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Revolutionizing the way people experience wine… offers wine lovers an innovative new way to discover, taste and acquire wine that expands and enriches the wine-drinking experience. Their service lets you discover and consume wine in a variety of exclusive formats delivered directly to your home.

Wine for me is an important part of my life, I love exploring new wines, sipping wine while relaxing in the evening and enjoying wine with my friends. I am always on the lookout for that next great taste but buying full bottles of wine to see if you like it can become quite expensive. That is where comes in. First, I will say that this is a brilliant idea and perfect for the wine lover like me. It offers me the chance to try out six different wines and if I like it I know which bottle to purchase. But I am getting ahead of myself here, let me take you through my recent experience.


I received the Killer Grillers which is a wine sampler of robust reds for BBQ season which consisted of six 50ml mini bottles. The package arrived in a classy black box with instructions on how to go about your wine tasting. From left to right, the way you should taste, the bottles are arranged from lighter wines to fuller-bodied wines. Perfect set up for one who hasn’t done a wine tasting this way. We fired up the grill for our steak night and settled in for a taste testing evening.

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We started with the d’Arenberg ’08 The Laughing Magpie Red Blend. Now this blend is suggested for poultry or veal, neither of which we had during this testing and it was good but didn’t go with our peppercorn steak, leaning to a slightly bitter, peppery taste for us. Next, we moved on to the Carol Shelton ’08 Monga Zin Zinfandel and we loved the immediate oak flavor with the perfect hint of cherry, a favorite of mine in wines. Moving on to Fess Parker ’09 Syrah. My husband liked it but it had a weird taste for me with our steak. I do agree that it would probably be better off paired with a grilled sausage as they suggested.

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The next three that we moved on to started getting bolder, which we like. The Raymond ’08 Reserve Selection Merlot was one of our favorites. The description said it had a highlight of Earl Grey tea, which I am not a fan of, but I really liked the highlights mixed together. Now the next one is the one we will be purchasing a full bottle of. The Vall Llach ’08 Embruix Red Blend was spot on to my taste! Very earthy very much my type of wine. The highlights paired perfectly with our peppercorn steaks. Loved it, and definitely left us wanting more. The final wine, a Urraca ’08 Malbec rounded out our wine tasting experience with a full-bodied bold wine, another great wine for us.

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But our tasting experience did not end there with I set up an account on the website and using the code on my enclosed card was able to rate the wines with up to five stars and these wines will be on my account so I can remember which we liked and which we didn’t. I can then order a bottle of our favorite. While placing that order I will also be adding a Chardonnay sampler for our next tasting. We are very excited to try our wines this way because we will no longer be spending money only to find out that we do not like a wine. From now on we will order the wine samplers, then purchase the bottle from so I don’t have to search for it in the store. You can also order a “By the Glass” bottle as well as the samplers and full bottles. is a favorite site on my computer and I will use it not only to purchase wines for my husband and I but with the upcoming holiday season fast approaching I know quite a few people I can buy for. I highly recommend to absolutely every wine lover, seasoned tasting pro or not! Great products, great website and a great idea!

Sampler kit was sent to me for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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