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The Studio by Danielson Designs | Review

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The Studio Logo

“They’re a cool little design company pioneering a new way of doing business. They create home décor and gifts with real heart sentiment and a spot-on-trend look.”

That’s how Pete, my brother in law, always introduces us. He’s a pretty smart guy, but you’ll have to assess our coolness for yourself, I guess.

  • We exist to help build a small, economically challenged community in rural Colorado.
  • In an industry notorious for sending jobs to China, we’re committed to 100% Made in the USA.
  • We made an environmental commitment long before it was hip and still manage to compete with companies who know only the green of the bottom line.
  • The American Business Awards recognized us for this unique approach to the marketplace.

My sign

Recently I was asked if I wanted to review a custom made sign from The Studio and I immediately said yes! You see I am the type of person that believes that little sayings, signs and mementos should be displayed in your home. I love walking past a frame and remembering the occasion I either received it at or what was going on in the picture. I have a shelf with little things my kids made for me over the years that melts my heart every time I see it. And now I have this beautiful sign to add to that collection.

Choosing which I wanted to review was hard, I wanted one of everything. But I have really been wanting something that was made specifically for my family name. This was it, and the selections they offered within the product was amazing too. There were four different colors to choose from and I went with the Merlot. I really loved the selection The Studio had and I will be ordering  a few things for some people on my Christmas list. I recommend you checking them out as well, you will find something you love!

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