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U by Kotex | Monthly Maintenance

October 29, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Monthly maintenance during “that time of month” is just as important as what you do for yourself on a regular basis. One thing that is bad, and I have been through, is that you get caught unaware. I do not want my daughter to go through that so we have regular talks about things she needs and how to deal with everything. I tell her to wear liners a few days before her expected date to lessen the chance of staining her undergarments and just in general to be protected. We have a running joke in the house, seeing as my husband is the only male living with us, that he can always tell by my mood and my daughters mood gets worse so he knows when to take cover lol

But moodiness is not the only thing she, or any one else in the house needs to be worried about. Hygiene is so important and it is something we talk about on an almost daily basis. I have explain Toxic Shock Syndrome to her and stressed the important of regular changes and to just in general stay on top of her period. She has her schedule and she sticks to it pretty good. We have even downloaded an app for her phone (I know right, there is an app for that!) that helps her keep track of her start and end days, how many days until her next one, and even her moods. Which for me has turned out being very helpful when she goes to the doctor and they ask questions about it. Tracking her cycles has helped her be more prepared. And she has had data to look back on and say, “Uh-oh, I was feeling sad a few days before my last period, it may be arriving soon.” I don’t have to remind her of being prepared when she is out with her friends or staying the night at a friends. She is too conscious of not wanting to be embarrassed about an accident that she goes fully prepared.

My daughter and I have a open enough relationship where these types of talks are not scary for her, she can come to me and ask me anything. I think with her feeling that way she has eased into having to deal with her monthly cycle and she has had no problems so far. Talk to your daughter about her period and check out the Hello Period page if you or your daughter have any questions right now.

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