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Upcoming Fall Season With Hape Toys | Quadrilla Rail Set Preview

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Company: Hape Toys
Item Reviewed: Quadrilla Rail Set


Quadrilla Rail Set
This might be the most challenging of sets within the family of Quadrilla marble runs. Because of the straight rails, many accelerators and two seesaws, this set has endless possibilities for 3-dimensional thinking and technical understanding.

Hape will begin the first shipment of Quadrilla in August, 2012. This revolutionary marble run design is not only owned but also manufactured by Hape, a German owned company. The intricately-machined rubber wood blocks, smooth birch rails and elaborate wood funnels are a hallmark of the quality of manufacturing produced by Hape.

“Customer response to Quadrilla has been off the charts,” said Maggie Qiu, Hape’s President. “With the launch at Toy Fair, Quadrilla is now available in over 50 countries,” she added.

My Thoughts

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My daughter and my husband love playing games together and when the Quadrilla Rail Set arrived they were both in heaven! They worked on putting it together in one of the larger layouts and worked hard together, it was so cute! When it was complete my daughter got so excited at how tall the track was and how much fun it was to put the marbles in and watch them go down the rails. She got special little bowls to catch the marbles in because they were bouncing off the table onto the floor and she loved the noises they all made hitting the bowl. I especially loved watching her take it apart and try to build a track on her own, she never got frustrated and spent a great deal of time examining the blocks and rails, I have never seen her concentrate so hard on something before. Loved that she was thinking and using her creativity!

We packed it up for our upcoming move but all my daughter can talk about is when we get home that she wants to see it up on her new bedroom floor in a different shape (layout) and how she can’t wait to play with it again. I am pleased to see her play with something other than an electronic device every once in a while and am so happy that she like her Hape Toys Quadrilla Rail Set. We HIGHLY recommend this set to everyone, your children will love it!

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Loved her face when she first saw set completely up.


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  1. Looks like it is real good quality and by the expression on your daughter’s face I’d say she liked it lol

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