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Vidal Sassoon Pro Series: Color, Care and Styling Line

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Item Reviewed: Repair & Finish Spray and Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse


Carrying on Vidal Sassoon’s legacy and his desire for “everybody to have good hair,” Vidal Sassoon Pro Series provides women with everything they need to create effortlessly beautiful looks at home and become the master of their own hair. The Vidal Sassoon Pro Series has many collections, including:

  • Moisture – Moisture Lock Shampoo, Moisture Lock Conditioner, Moisture Lock One Minute Mask
  • Smooth – Extreme Smooth Shampoo, Extreme Smooth Conditioner, Extreme Smooth Combing Creme
  • Volume – Boost & Lift Shampoo, Boost & Life Conditioner, Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse, Boost & Lift Hairspray
  • Color Care – Color Protect Shampoo, Color Protect Conditioner, Color Protect Gloss Creme, Color Protect Spray
  • Repair – Restoring Repair Shampoo, Restoring Repair Condtioner, Cleanse & Repair Classic 2 in 1, Restoring Repair One Minute Mask, Repair & Finish Spray, Heat & Protect Spray
  • Classic Control – Extra Firl Hold Mousse, Mega Firm Hold Gel, Flexible Hold Hairspray, Extra Firm Hold Hairspray
  • Permanent Color – Blonde, Brown, Red, Black

I was recently given the chance to try out a few of the products from the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series, the Repair & Finish Spray and the Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse. My thoughts about each product are as follows:

 photo REPAIR_AND_FINISH_SPRAY_zpsbecda8c9.jpg

The Repair & Finish Spray creates a conditioning shield that helps protect my hair. It gives me silkier hair and controls my frizzy ends. I have noticed that when spraying on my dry hair that and then styling that it holds my style longer than other products that I have tried. I also love the light fragrance that it adds to my hair. My daughter is also using this product as a protection from breakage, which she has a lot of and it seems to be working its magic on her hair, she has been using it for five days now and her hair looks healthier and silkier than it has in the past. She also is in the same boat with fragrance and loves this scent. She is the type of person that has a fragrance specifically for her hair, which I never thought was healthy for her hair and I am so pleased to see that she has stopped using it and chooses to just use the Vidal Sassoon Repair & Finish Spray.

 photo BOOST_AND_LIFT_FOAMING_AIR_MOUSSE_zps4642dd71.jpg

I am loving the Foaming Air Mousse from the Pro Series. Again I will comment on the fragrance because I like it. But this mousse is the lightest I have ever used (and I am a 80s child!) It is super lightweight and does not weigh your hair down at all. And if you remember using mousse in the 8s you know that you could barely get a comb through your hair, at least that is the way it was with me and with the Foaming Air Mousse I can get through my hair. I use this product solely to style my hair. I use the recommended size and work it through my hair, then I blow dry my hair upside down or from underneath and it adds so much volume. I have also taken this with me on a recent trip to meet some friends and freshened up my style on the go. I just work it in with my fingers, flip my hair upside down and ruffle it, and I get great volume without having to restyle from scratch.

I am loving the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series (and so is my daughter) and we will be purchasing products from some of the other collections as well. If there is one thing that is important to the both of us is that we take care of our hair during our beauty routines and with these products we are well on our way! Highly recommend trying some of these products out, you will love them!

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