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Why I Am Disappointed In Cougar Town

June 4, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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Before I explain my reasons for my disappointment I want you to know two things.

  1. Do not read any further if you have not seen the season finale as I will talk about the episode.
  2. Know that Cougar Town is one of my favorite shows on TV. I am not disappointed in the overall show, just how they portrayed things in the finale. Still love them though!
  3. These are my thoughts and opinions. Not every one will agree with me.

Okay, so my husband and I just caught up on the season finale last weekend. I thought it was an okay episode but something was troubling me and it has been on my mind for awhile so I figured I would “vent” on my blog. I have two points to touch on, one being Ellie and the other Grayson.

Ellie – Now I have always loved her character, she is rude but in a fun way. But the finale made me think twice about her. I did not like that she is a married woman and flirted with a hotel worker. Now don’t get me wrong in the beginning it was funny but when her husband told her that he was “Not Okay” with her texting him and sending him pictures of her it should have stopped. She seemed really disinterested in her own husband. He told her two or three times that he was not okay with the whole situation.

Grayson (and in a round about way Jules) – Grayson has always been a quiet guy, sometimes too quiet. He gets lost in the outrageous comedy a lot. I loved his character in the beginning of the show and even though he sometimes behaves likes doesn’t have any balls, he grew them and then some in the last episode, but in a bad way! He got angry about not having privacy in the house as all the friends were coming in and out. Instead of quietly addressing the situation with Jules or even all their friends he blows up and punches the wall a few times leaving a hole. Now I feel that he did not need to lose his temper that way, being in that type of situation in a previous relationship myself, it is a scary place to be when a person loses their head that way.  Then Jules found it sexy, was turned on by it and preceded to have sex in their therapist bathroom. I am sad about they way the show handled this storyline. Being in a situation where someone loses their mind in a rage is not a fun situation to be in, it is scary and not something that should be glamorized. Very disappointed in this one and sad to say that I will now forever see Grayson in a negative way, possibly making the show not fun for me any more.

In a day where they are trying to hold on to all their fans as the show transfers TV stations is not a time to do something so outrageous. I hope they can hold on to them.


2 Responses to “Why I Am Disappointed In Cougar Town”
  1. sandra says:

    wow. the show isn’t meant to have any true meaning. it’s all in fun. we love the show as well and had no problems with how the storyline ran.

  2. Nicole M says:

    I FINALLY caught up with the show. I have to agree with you about Grayson. For the first time, I didn’t like him, especially when he threw Ellie’s grenade.
    Did you say that the show is switching networks? Can you fill me in on that? I love a good sitcom and Cougar Town and 30 Rock are my favorites.

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