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Why Saturdays Mean So Much To Me

March 27, 2012 by admin - Jennifer  
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I have this re-occurring thing that happens in my life, one that I am eternally thankful for. One I have also been teased about, the “Why do you do the same thing, eat the same thing and drink the same thing every Saturday” question pops up from friends and family alike. But it will not deter me at all. Why? Because it is the one day that my husband and I set aside to communicate with each other, to really connect, to make sure we are on the same page, to reminisce, to praise each other and our accomplishments. Sure we drink wine and grill steak (no matter where we are by the way, we were even out grilling and talking in single digit temps here in Montana) that is always the same but I can guarantee that our conversations are not.

We have been doing this for quite a few years and I would not give it up for anything! It is a way to connect with my husband in case either of us missed some important news, or to talk about our upcoming schedules and of course to talk about our kids. This last almost year it has come to mean so much more to me in the fact that it has been for me the most stressful time of our 17 years of being together. To be so far away from our family really sucks! I hate that I have not seen our son in six months. And for those that do not know my sister is actually married to my husband’s brother so that makes our family that much smaller and closer. And talking about them (not bad of course ;) ) helps us look forward to seeing them again and having them a big part of our lives again.

So you see my Saturdays are very special to me, we eat the same food, drink the same drink but we also communicate on a level that makes our lives so much easier. We talk things out instead of letting them build, if there is a problem, when there isn’t there is just two people who love each other very much, connecting on a level that we don’t see very much anymore. So today, I am looking forward to my Saturday!


7 Responses to “Why Saturdays Mean So Much To Me”
  1. Nicolle B. says:

    What a great tradition! I am envious :)

  2. Betty Baez says:

    That’s awesome! Although I don’t have the same tradition me and hubby make a day to just talk and spend time with each other once a week, it really is good for your relationship

  3. Dana says:

    What your doing is actually great! I wish I could do the same.

  4. Kim Phillips says:

    Fridays and Saturdays are the best days of the week for me. I get the time to hang out with my friends and family. Plus, more time to shop and read! I’m happy for you and your husband, communication is very important in a relationship. I’m inspired.. Cheers!

  5. Eric Bowden says:

    Setting aside regular time to connect is really important. It keeps the lines of communication open, plus setting aside a specific day that you can connect regularly is key, as parents often have so many tings going on. I’m glad to hear that you can take your Saturdays to pause for reflection!

  6. Margaret says:

    I’ve only just discovered your blog and I am an instant fan. My sister and I married brothers, and, last year, we moved interstate. I miss my sister (and family) every day. though we are able to stay connected with technology, its never the same as face to face physical presence. And also, my husband and I find it difficult now to find time alone, as we’ve moved from our entire network. When we do, it is usually at home, when the children are asleep, but we still make the most of it. I will be touching base on your blog regularly now. Keep up the great work.

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