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Wild Kratts Creature Math | iPad App Review

February 27, 2013 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: PBS Kids
Item Reviewed: Wild Kratts Creature Math App


Creature Math helps children practice addition and subtraction and learn valuable ecology/science concepts as they create their very own animal habitat, filled with cool creature pals!

Featuring eight different animals, Creature Math keeps kids engaged as they care for their animals and habitat. With dozens of hilarious animations and loads of fascinating nature facts, practicing math and learning about the interaction between animals and their environment has never been so fun!


  • Automatically adjusts math difficulty as player’s proficiency increases.
  • Automatically saves progress, so you can manage habitat and pals over time.
  • Up to four unique profiles can be saved.
  • Add multiple animals of any type for increased creativity and personalization.
  • 13 different Reward Banners can be earned and placed within habitats.
  • Pal Screen lets users pet and feed animal pals at any time.
  • Grid interface allows maximum flexibility with habitat creation and item placement.
  • Dozens of cool animal facts.
  • Features Martin and Chris Kratt as game hosts and guides.
  • 16 different home types and food items.
  • “Sleep” function automatically adjusts food consumption rate between play sessions.

My Thoughts

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The Wild Kratts show has quickly turned into one of my youngest daughters favorite shows. She asks me all the time when it will be on and actually sits still and watches the whole show. She loves learning about different animals and that is why she loves the new Wild Kratts Creature Math app for the iPad. One of my personal favorite things about this app is that it adjusts to her math learning level. She has been learning addition facts at school so she somewhat knows what she is doing but the app seems to be aware when she is having a hard time and adjusts the difficulty level for her. She loves seeing the animals and playing with them and she really likes the Kratt brothers, Martin and Chris. This app is a well rounded one that takes a child’s love of animals and puts it into an educational app for my daughter to enjoy.

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