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Wonder Pets: The First Rescue | DVD Review

June 23, 2010 by admin - Jennifer  
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Company: Nickelodeon
Item Reviewed: Wonder Pets: The First Rescue DVD

Journey back in time with the Wonder Pets as they relive when they first met, tackled their first rescue mission and learned the importance of teamwork in the new DVD release Wonder Pets!: The First Rescue.  The DVD, available exclusively at Amazon.com, features seven new-to-DVD adventures including the never-before-seen “Happy Mothers Day!” and “Save the Sun Bear!”


  • How It All Began! - Linny tells Tuck, Ming-Ming and Ollie the story of how the Wonder Pets first got started.  The episode flashbacks to see how Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming met, how they discovered teamwork and where all those catchy songs come from
  • Happy Mother’s Day! – It’s Mother’s Day and the Wonder Pets are taking cookies to Granny Ginny.  On the way, they run into mothers from past saves and give them some cookies.  But when they arrive at Ginny’s, all the cookies are gone!
  • Save the Sun Bear! - The Wonder Pets travel to Bali to save a Baby Sun Bear up on a statue.  But a mischievous Monkey keeps stealing their things.  The team must teach the Monkey not to take things that don’t belong to him, and rescue the Sun Bear.
  • Save the Mermaid! – The Wonder Pets fly into a clay diorama to help a Young Mermaid who wants to be a pirate.
  • Save the Visitor’s Birthday Party! - The Wonder Pets travel to space to attend the Visitor’s birthday party.  But when Zorky the Intergalactic Party Clown cancels, it’s up to the Wonder Pets to save the party and entertain the Visitor.
  • A Job Well Done! - To celebrate their hundredth save, the Wonder Pets watch a special home movie.  However, the movie is interrupted when they find a Baby Mouse in the projector!  They free the Mouse and make their hundred and first save.
  • Save the Rhino! – The Wonder Pets journey to Tanzania to help a lonely Baby Rhino find a friend.  They encourage the shy Rhino to make friends with a Baby Elephant.

My Thoughts

My toddler loves the Wonder Pets so much that she walks around singing the “Team Work” theme song for everything she does. I love her watching this show as it teaches her to work with others to solve a problem and I love hearing her laugh when she is watching it, and she loves Ming-Ming. Her favorite episode on this DVD is “Save the Mermaid” as she has informed me that she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up ;) I recommend everyone adding this to your child’s DVD library!

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